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Listing Service Monitor ~ Listing Investment project since 2012 when Bitcoin price was only $5 dollar, Our 10 year experience knows what your project needs, We are here, We will be here, Trust and hard work our main periority.


You can only add a new investment program if you are it's administrator or owner.

1) Do not submit a referral url. Don't forget to add working email address.

2) Your program will automatic added in the list after activation payment.

3) We have the right to refuse your program listing if we suspecious of serial scammer or project build up is not good, Our aim to List long term good team admin projects, refund will be 98%, 2% transaction fee cuts

4) If you submit to any type of advertising option and your program will be not paying to investors, we have the right to disable your advertising.

5) You cannot rate your own program. If our system will find these votes program will be blacklisted. To get more proper votes you can place our button in most visible place on your site and ask your members for voting every 24 hours.

Please specify in field Memo the name of your program, Then to fill in the form and to send us an inquiry.

1) Audience and followers since 2012 who daily visit to find Paying investment projects.

2) If you have Investment project then google might not advertise your project, but we can give our Monitor to google ad, which means you can have google audience aswell.

3) Your project status will be show paying to Top 10 different Allmonitors websites, There visitors can also see your project After Listing to

4) We also post payment proofs to Money making Forums, Social media, and other monitors voting sections, you will be seeing votes through IFmonitor or name on every votes.

5) Traffic from google, PPC, PTC, Direct visit, Social media visit, Forums & Monitors and Allmonitors Visitors in simple words, all the online Earnere visit from here and there to invest there crypto assets or USD dollars.

6) By listing on will make your site visible to our followers, you will get Daily Hundreds of visitors to your project, if you have Google Analytics you will see from where users coming from, make sure you have good Hosting Server to support thousands of visitors, thats why we have dedicated hosting and paying hundreds monthly :).

7) Money Back Guarantee!! We will refund you if our referrals' total investment less than the listing fees that you paid us. The precondition is your project paying normally more than 20 days since it added to our Monitor.

We also accept Multiple payments:

Perfectmoney -->PerfectMoney U42695295

Payeer -->Payeer P1037803692

AdvCash -->AdvCash

Epaycore -->ePayCore E030867

Bitcoin -->BitCoin bc1qz98jts67n2s3afcnyf5es4prfq4jvhvt05d8eg

Ether -->Ether 0xEcbf7268A5907e11A585Eac34aF552F4980D849a

Litecoin -->Litecoin ltc1qex2hmgg00j4uvqte0hc7hjkhz8j7xkjg640yy7

USDT TRC20 -->USDT TRC20 THZD9hef92kSmjGoFRhFr3Yyp5ENLno8Gv

Dogecoin -->Dogecoin D7DcSDoEm4b7vKSRSSaibdiC7QMmwLQaAL

Tron -->Trx THZD9hef92kSmjGoFRhFr3Yyp5ENLno8Gv

B+ For Any Admins Exclusive Listing Premium Listing Normal Listing
RCB offer up to 500% up to 250% up to 100%
TOP GIANT Banner** Complimentary 7 Days 5 Days
728x90 Banner Complimentary 14 Days 7 Days
350x250 Banner Complimentary 14 Days 7 Days
468x60 Banner Complimentary 14 Days 7 Days 7 Days
125x125 Banner Complimentary 14 Days 7 Days 7 Days
Support 24/7 24/7 24/7
Create forums topic & Payment posting 10 Forums 5 Forums 3 Forums
Banner in Signature on Forums
Votes on aggregators (h-metrics, ISP, allmonitors) Every days Every 2 days weekly
Votes on monitors and blogs 10 First 5 First 5 First
Youtube Video Make
Reddit, Quora, Steemit,Medium Payment post & support
Email Distribution Weekly
Guaranteed investment $500 $300 $0
Activation Fee $150 $100 $49
Reinvestment $200 $100 $50
Total Fee $350 $200 $99
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