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1.08% - 1.5% Hourly For 96 hours, 5.0% - 8.0% Hourly For 48 Hours , 18% - 25% Hourly For 24 Hours
Min/Max: $10 / No Limit
Referral: 3
Withdrawal: Instant
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Added: Apr 26th, 2020
Monitored: 222 days
Lifetime: 222 days
Description: Mail us at support@hour-bet.com Invest through betting, Get Winning Perhour Betting in the game for instant income. Flawless system to give you every opporunity to win! Invest now Learn More UK registered betting company, Instant payment Minimum betting $10 to get perhourly income.No investment required to get 3% -10% Ref commission! Invest now Learn More $ 3045.00 Total Deposits $ 55.94 Total Withdrawals 29 Total Members 0 Running Days 1 Register Today Registration is an easy one step process. Enroll to start betting right away. 2 Deposit Cash Select a plan below and deposit your desired amount to get started. 3 Get bonus You will be given certain bonus on each deposit which you can bet in games Pricing Plans 1.12%-1.25% HOURLY For 96 HOURS Total Return : 144.00% RADIAL Minimum: $10.00 Maximum: $5000.008.00 Principal Included Ref Commissions 3% Calculate 5.0% - 8.0% HOURLY For 48 HOURS Total Return : 384.00% DIAMOND Minimum: $300.00 Maximum: $50000.007.00 Principal Included Ref Commissions 5% Calculate 18% - 25% HOURLY For 24 HOURS Total Return : 600.00% DICE Minimum: $1000.00 Maximum: $500000.006.00 Principal Included Ref Commissions 10% Calculate LAST 10 DEPOSITS All WITHDRAWALS TOP 10 REFERRALS Successfull Investing is about managing risk Take the first step towards loads of opportunities towards success. Join Now! Join With us hour-bet.com Company address: 23 Seymour Street, London, United Kingdom, W1H 7JX Registration number: #12545631 check About Our Company hour-bet.com is a long-term, stable and profitable betting company. At present, we have many profitable areas, such as sports betting, baccarat, Roulette, Slot Machine, and other market activity investments. The profits from these investments can be used to enhance our plan and improve its long-term stability. Our experienced team of highly-skilled traders, based on endless talents and rich experience, adopt unique skills and strategies, which can make your funds grow under their skilled and prudent management. Our Partners Latest Statistics last deposits murray Apr-25-2020 10:57:57 AM      $10.00   naale Apr-25-2020 10:51:43 AM      $200.00   InstantMonitorCom Apr-25-2020 09:32:52 AM      $100.00   Sarat-T Apr-25-2020 07:24:47 AM      $300.00   charliegold1 Apr-25-2020 07:23:06 AM      $50.00   Mimihah Apr-25-2020 07:20:28 AM      $500.00   gulliblesalt Apr-25-2020 07:17:58 AM      $30.00   kokoimagne Apr-25-2020 07:15:50 AM      $150.00   hamishbpogai Apr-25-2020 07:14:14 AM      $250.00   emenam Apr-25-2020 07:12:39 AM      $1000.00   last withdrawals InstantMonitorCom Apr-25-2020 10:51:17 AM      $1.08   kokoimagne Apr-25-2020 09:50:04 AM      $3.24   gomezmadio Apr-25-2020 09:13:41 AM      $1.62   emenam Apr-25-2020 09:13:41 AM      $50.00   Copyrights @ hour-bet.com. All Rights Reserved Home About Us Rules Support Faq News support@hour-bet.com 20 Bedford Row, London, UK
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