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Seven years ago, employees of our company wrote the first script to automate tracking the movement of quotes, today we are an international, multicurrency hedge fund, which has at its disposal the most modern and innovative technologies, which are called neural networks or self-learning artificial intelligence. Time and the development of technology does not stand still, but only moves forward, and we try to go parallel to this movement. Types, methods and rules of earning money are constantly changing. Only one thing remains unshakable, assets (money) should work for you, and not for turnover. For a long time, our team nurtured and developed the idea of ​​creating a platform to increase capital, not only for our team, but also for people with the same ideology. Today our team has made tremendous progress in computing and programming. Artificial intelligence (neural networks) has come to the world - a mathematical model, as well as its software or hardware implementation, built on the principle of the organization and functioning of biological neural networks, such as the human brain. Artificial intelligence beats a person in any mathematical and logical games such as chess or go. So why can't he be a better person at bargaining and making a profit? Neural networks are capable of performing almost any computational task, so our team has recently been working on the creation of an information complex based on a neural network, engaged in trading on Forex and cryptocurrency exchanges, exchange arbitrage in both directions, concluding transactions using swaps, these are trade and financial exchange transactions, in the form of an exchange of various assets, in which the conclusion of a transaction on the purchase / sale of securities or currency is accompanied by the conclusion of a counter transaction, a transaction to sell or buy the same goods after a certain period on the same or different conditions. In general, this implies a multi-period exchange of payments. A swap is used to increase the amount of assets and liabilities - for financing secured by securities or, conversely, for borrowing securities to fulfill obligations for their delivery, reduce or change the nature of risks, hedge, gain profit, including for gaining access to the markets of another jurisdiction. All these are complex financial operations, the assessment and analysis of which is a long and difficult job for a person, which cannot be said about computers that do not know fatigue. We are glad to present you our new platform - NTCinvest. This is an investment platform that will allow you to get access to our latest developments in the industry of building complex analytical systems and not only increase your own capital by investing in our investment cases, but also contribute to the development of modern technologies. Part of the amount received from the turnover of investment funds will be directed to the development of existing and creation of new automated trading systems. We will present the most successful of them to the participants of our site, and of course we will provide access to these new, even more productive solutions in the form of a package of new investment cases. Join us, invest and earn in order to be able to further exaggerate your capital in the future. Best wishes, Administration of the NTCinvest project #Whois
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